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Where Can I get Movies?

While there are plenty of ways to get free movies and videos online, the fastest and easiest way to get movies is by using file-sharing programs. These programs are specifically designed to make searching and receiving files easy.

Cinema Download Review!

Register and become a member to any of our recommended sites and start downloading unlimited movies NOW. These recommended sites give you access to millions of DVD-quality movies. They also provide you with a quick step-by-step guides to getting started, and software/tools so you can record or burn your movies on DVD or CD discs with ease. Of course if you run into any sort of trouble, the quick responding technical support teams are there waiting on stand by! All our recommended sites come with 100% Risk-Free full money-back guarantees.

Sign-up right NOW and take advantage of the fast speeds and enourmous content libraries!

Don't get caught out with over-priced web sites that deliver poor-quality multimedia at rip-off prices. Our A-list guarantees you the best download software on the net. Only the best-value web sites with low-cost, high-quality, fast downloads are recommended here.





Cinema Download Standout Features:

  • Unlimited Downloads with NO hidden fees
  • Good Technical Support
  • No Spyware, Mulware, Viruses or Trojans detected having thier software installed on our test system.
  • FREE CD burning software supplied - burn downloaded tracks and even full-length movies to CD!
  • CD and DVD covers available for download.
  • Download from multiple sources OK
  • As seen on:cinema
  • By by the month available! As little as $1.37 per month!
  • Risk-Free 100% Money-Back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


  • Unlimited Access: $39.95. Best Value
  • 1 Year Access: $2.49/Month
  • 2 Year Access: $1.37/Month
  • Unlimited MP3s: $9.95 Additional Fee
  • Movie Backups: $9.95 Additional Fee


  • All easy-to-read user manuals and quick start guides are included, providing an idiot-proof guide on finding, downloading, playing and burning your favorite music, movies and games and getting the most from your membership.
  • FREE Movie download software, DVD Copy Software, Movie Players, CD Burning Software, VIP technical support and much more.
  • Great selection of FREE tools and software. Quality!
  • Great Speeds
  • FREE Upgrades to software and more when they become available.
  • Quick and Easy to use Search function.
  • All movies are of DVD picture and sound quality.
  • Ipod Compatible


  • X $9.95 Additional Fee for MP3s.
  • X $9.95 additional Fee for Movie Backups

Score Card:

Movie Size Library:
Game Size Library:
Tech Support:


Webmaster's Verdict & Overall Comments:

Cinema Download much like Movie Download World is another great entertainment site, but lacks something little extra to be ahead of the rest. Cinema Download is $5 dearer than all the other sites we have reviewed, and has two additional optional extras, as compared to every other sites single optional extra.

The optional extras are Movie backups and MP3 downloads. Every other site we have reviewed only had 1 option. This effects the Value score quite significantly.

Cinema Download loses half a star to Movie Download World because the technical support team were a little slow on replying. Thier solution to a software firewall configuration issue was spot on and was resolved with ease. If only the response was a little quicker.

Cinema Download is not a bad site, but other competitors offer more value for money and a wider movie selection. We would recommend you look elsewhere for your online movie needs.

Click here to visit Cinema Download



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