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DVD Codecs

A codec is software that is used to compress or decompress a digital media file, such as a song or video. Content creators use codecs because a compressed file takes up less storage space on your computer and can be transferred across the Internet more quickly and smoothly. When you play a digital media file, your dvd playback player uses a codec to decompress the file. Codecs are used to create and play nearly all music or video files on your computer or on Web sites.

Below are codecs that you might need if your DVD does not play correctly or smoothly on your home computer. You may not have the necessary codec installed, or it may be out of date. Download them all and install them onto your computer. Followed by a reboot usually solves any DVD playback issues.

AngelPotion Video Codec -

DivX Codec -

Dr.DivX -

FFDshow -


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