Introduction - What Is Confidential Conversions?

confidential conversionsA 22 year old by the name of Phil Mansour has released a product named confidential conversions and claims that he can show you a way to use those second tier search engines to drive enormous amounts of pay per click traffic to your web site using keywords which cost as little as $0.05 cents each. He says that his system will allow you to do away with AdWords, and teach you effortless ways to drive traffic to your web site and achieve higher conversion rates from those who do click through to your site.

Confidential Conversions is Philip Mansour's latest CPA course. Last year's he released Zero Friction Marketing course, which was a huge successful ClickBank product. Mansour is a great CPA expert. Confidential Conversions is pure CPA guidance at its best! Confidential Conversions is a live step by step course showing you how to run a successful CPA campaign with highly underestimated PPC websites. There are 3 Modules in this course.

Confidential Conversions makes mention about PPC websites that are dirt cheap with quality traffic and people that are just waiting to find products and services that can help them in whatsoever they are doing. Pay per click has become very expensive if calculated monthly it can be a lot of dollars spent and only seeing few or no result after spending so much.

The reality is PPC is still the highest conversions of traffic to any website to this point because of the rules that are being constantly changed by the branded networks like Google and since lately Bing and Yahoo are now making it harder for marketers to get on their main page. The other downside to these websites is the fact that they are very saturated with a lot of affiliates because everyone thinks this is the only way to get conversions from traffic to their sites.

The revolutionary new marketing platform is by no chance new but is just under use by many who choose to follow marketing hype.

One of the areas of marketing that is shown is that of using mobile phone advertising. Although this is definitely not a new concept, many people are still actually doing it wrong and wasting huge amounts of time and money doing so. In this course, I learned how to identify the best types of offers to promote to a mobile phone and why many others will not work regardless of how hard I try.

One module teaches me how to get traffic from highly search engine optimized websites without actually needing me to do SEO on my own sites and spend many weeks or even months waiting for results.

The networks recommended in this guide are really much less demanding in terms of the quality of your campaigns as compared to the treatment that clients get from Google. If you have used Google advertising, I am sure you already know about their strict and ever changing rules about quality scores and other aspects of your website that need to meet their standard. These new PPC networks are very low in competition and have yielded me clicks as low as 1 cent per click while still converting at the same conversion rates as traffic generated from Google.

The difference when I looked into Philip Mansour's Confidential Conversions was the candid and honest way he presents the information. The price of the program is very, very reasonable and he even gives you $75 advertising credit to get started. Although the course is comprehensive, there is a quick start guide that can have you up and running in a couple of hours.

Now unlike SEO organic traffic which I do a lot of, the money starts coming in almost immediately. and we are talking clicks at 5cents (just like the old days) and fantastic conversions. Best of all it's not Google!

No slaps or draconian rules to worry about.

If you're looking for a genuine way to make a good deal of money really fast I highly recommend you take a look.