micro niche finder software toolAre you getting all the traffic you want to your website? Is your website dead in the water? Chances are you have a keyword targeting problem.

Micro Niche Finder software is essentially an article writer's tool, which assists heavily in reducing time finding effective keywords directing traffic to your website. It has a simple user interface that includes a user manual (Although the software creator, James Jones, thinks it is not really necessary).

Micro niche finder software is by no means a new product. It has been available to the public for more than two years. In that time it has undergone several full version updates, and been thoroughly tested by its users. From the initial release to this day, the users of this product have been extremely please with their purchase as it has far exceeded their expectations.

Micro Niche Finder software is very easy to use. All you have to do is input a base keyword in the market you are interested in. For example, you can put in dogs, dog house or digital cameras and hit the search button.

The software will then output a list of keyword phrases with information such as the number of searches per day and the competition level. There is also a column called strength of competition that gives a bird eye view of whether that keyword phrase is competitive or not. Green means it is easy to dominate in the search engines and red means there is some difficulty.

Once you have found some keywords that look easy to dominate, you don't necessarily need to build a whole website for it. To monetizing the traffic, you can create a blog at blogger or create squidoo and hubpages for each single keyword phrase.

One of the advantages of using these web2.0 sites is that they already have high page rank and will rank them in the search engines easily. Coupled with low competition, your blogger blog or squidoo lens will surely be top of the search engine results.

If you are looking for untapped markets to start working in, then you will want to spend just as much energy and time targeting your biggest opportunity. You will most likely find success when you uncover markets that have been completely overlooked by your competition. This way you can swoop in and get the best ranking in Google for your keywords.

micro niche finder software tool