Introduction - RAPID MASS TRAFFIC review

rapid mass trafficRapid Mass Traffic is a new Internet marketing product that promises tons of traffic to your website without using Google. In fact the creator of this course says he gets over 95,000 visitors a day, which in its own right is amazing. But to do this without Google - is this really possible?

This online traffic program is an online traffic generation course created by Popular six figure internet marketer, Latif. In rapid mass traffic, he proposes to teach you a unique money making traffic formula that he uses without the expensive cost of Google AdWords, stressful article writing and other tiresome web 2.0 traffic generation techniques.

Rapid Mass Traffic can be considered as the NEW ways of getting web visitors. It does not rely on the search engines; rather it taps into advertising networks that have millions of audiences of online consumers. These networks provide top quality content to their audiences for FREE! In return, they must agree to the Terms and Conditions set forth by the sites/networks - that is to view a limited number of highly targeted ads.

Depending on the keywords you target, you can easily get thousands of visitors per day for ONLY $0.02 per visitor. The other day, I spent only $30 to get 1,500 visitors. The traffic sources are very INEXPENSIVE yet there are tons of hungry buyers. If you're promoting the right products, you can easily make a lot of sales.

One thing that's worth mentioning is that Rapid Mass Traffic not only shows you how to get highly targeted traffic for cheap but also how to find the right products to promote to millions of audiences of online consumers.

After purchasing the Rapid Mass Traffic system I was taken to a page that contained links to approximately 7 eBooks and 12 videos. I cannot be exact about these numbers because after the 1st night of purchase the webpage has been down. Fortunately on the first evening I did devote several hours to working through the information and basically it's a PPV system.

PPV advertising stands for Pay-Per-View. When people hear that they automatically think it's the same thing as CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impression) advertising. It's not! Pay Per View means you pay every time your landing page is viewed. Although that sounds like PPC it's different because to view your landing page no one is clicking. Your landing page is appearing in a popup.

Whilst the product that I purchased was of good quality and the eBook comprehensive, although I did not complete it, the video course was excellent. It gave clear concise information over 6 videos.

The remaining videos were advanced strategies for advanced traffic generation. As mentioned for the above reasons at the moment I have not been able to watch these but I will update you in due course.

The system is ideal if you want a good understanding of PPV however I believe the landing page to be slightly misleading. You will make money using this system but I believe the margins will be less that one is led to believe.