Introduction - SEOLINK VINE review

Brad Callen, the SEO guru has launched his latest service called the SEO link vine. He is well known for his other products that he launched in the past like SEO elite, Keyword elite and various other products and services.This new tool or service that he has introduced in the SEO market is about being able to syndicate your articles to the blog network or to join the network in order to get fresh content.

It is a completely new network created by Internet marketing software expert Brad Callen and contains a new network of different websites to generate links for members. This diversification of new links has been what is making it very effective right now.

Now, this new service or tool that Brad Callen has launched allows you to submit as many articles you want for a monthly fee. Thus, this network submits and distributes your articles automatically over a period of time to different blogs which are of good quality.

Seo Link Vine is designed to help you distribute articles automatically and generate lots of high quality back links to your sites within just a few hours. With a network of more than 10,000 blogs that Google loves.

To begin with, this service has made the entire job of article submission fast and easy. Thus, you no longer need to wait for hours to submit your articles. And if you are using an article submitter, then you will no longer need one or have to wait for him to submit your articles.

Secondly, in terms of search engine optimisation, the distribution system is absolutely natural. The process of article submission needs a continuous flow of submission links. And when you use a service like Link Vine, it helps you get rid of all the extra hassles that are involved in submitting articles regularly. So all you need to do is just submit your article once and then forget about them.

Brad Callen's Link Vine thus helps you to get quick and immediate results for your article submission and provides you with a fresh source for your content.