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UseNeXT Review

You may have seen it advertised on various peer2peer (P2P) websites. It's a windows program that we have used for a while now and we think it's about time it becomes clarified for those out there who don't really know what it is. It's called UseNeXT.

UseNeXT offers a solid newsgroup service and free software client. They set themselves apart by offering unlimited 1 Mbps downloads with all accounts and speeds up to 25 Mbps. UseNeXT's easy to use client software will have you downloading in minutes.

One of the biggest complaints of those who use peer2peer programs is that they can be so darned slow! Your woes of waiting for seeders on your torrent downloader or gnutella-based downloader may be over once you try out UseNeXT's hi-speed downloads network.

Here is a demo video of how quick UseNeXT really is, no need to use painfully slow torrents, sometimes it pays to play!:

UseNeXT offers 8 server farms including 4 located in the US (east and west coast) and 4 in Amsterdam.  They advertise connections up to 25 Mbps.  Our connection caps out well below that mark but we easily maxed out a cable connection.

We've been very satisfied with the download speed of this program. Sometimes it only takes 25 minutes to download a 700mb film. New content is added daily, adding new films, music, ebooks, and software (and erotica for those horny hounds out there). In the entire time I've used the program, I haven't encountered a single virus or spyware. Viruses are a big complaint with peer2peer programs.

the free UseNeXT trial account includes 150 GB over 14 days (unlimited downloads at 1 Mbps for two weeks plus 5 GB of uncapped speed). This will give you an ample opportunity to test the service and familiarize yourself with the UseNeXT client.

Tip: you could share with serveral friends one account, to reduce costs.

UseNeXT utilises a very good software interface and very user friendly. It gives users very comfortable and fast download experience. The trial is a fantastic way to get started into the new world of superfast broadband downloads.

Click the banner below to get started now!

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